We support the pursuit of education excellence.

Fueled by our amazing parents, donors and other supporters, the Foundation enhances and enriches our schools - and the teaching and learning of our children.


High school teacher answering student questions like those in Shallowater schools.

Engage. Enrich. Enliven.

The Foundation benefits our schools in many ways, all driven from the spirit of excellence in teaching and learning.

From amazing resources for teachers to senior scholarships, the Foundation has awarded an astounding $985,500 in development funds to date. While this is certainly an impressive achievement, the positive impact the Foundation ultimately has on individual students is always the goal.


Hear How Your Support Helps Our Children

The Shallowater Education Foundation exists to propel our teachers and our students.

It is not only heartwarming to hear of successes, and the positive impacts we are having, it's also a wonderful narrative about how we can all work together to make the teaching and learning journey of our schools ever better.


Upcoming Event - Plan Today!


Image of golf club and golf ball on tee, announcing the annual Golfing for Graduates fund raiser event.

Senior Scholarship Golf Tournament


Our annual Golfing for Graduates will be a high point in the spring season! Please join us for this amazing fundraising event for our senior scholarships.

Location(s): The Rawls Course, Lubbock

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So Many Ways to Contribute

Donate Today

Your financial contribution to the Foundation will propel us towards our yearly missions, and benefit a number of programs.

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Volunteer & Support

The are so many rewarding ways to contribute to the Foundation with your time, including special events, fund raisers and students programs.

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Become a Board Member

Our Board of Directors works tirelessly to propel the mission of the Foundation, and grace the organization with leadership, insight, time and energy.

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Calling All Teachers

Consider submitting a grant application to the Foundation to assist in your teaching and learning outcomes. Have new or innovative ideas and strategies? We'd love to hear from you!

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Illustration showing teacher with a variety of teaching tools, like grants from the Shallowater Education Foundation can provide.